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Do You Know An Easy, Effective Job Application Plan?

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Today we hope to inform you about the simplest and most effective job application strategy in the world. Here is:

1. Know who you are, and what you offer in terms of skills, qualifications, and experience (SQE) .....

2. Know exactly what you would like to do next. you should find out how much money you need to make a living. Write it all down - there is no need to make a CV yet!

3. Check if any employer wants those skills, qualifications, and experience? If not, back to step 2

4. If so, will apply for one place above another cost you much? Is this more than the amount in step 2? If not, back to step 2

5. Talk about your suitability for the job on a draft CV - you will need to adjust this for each job application.

6. Find jobs to apply for: the fastest but most efficient way to use job boards (can be fast, 12% success); most successful network communication (average 4 weeks, 35% chance of success)

7. Everything you need to get a job interview is written on the job ad! But to be a good job applicant learn a company

8. Prepare all your job applications so that when the employer asks you for a job advertisement a combination of SQE A to E, your Cover Letter, and your CV confirm that you have those SQEs respectively.

9. In a job interview, demonstrate the practical application of your skills in doing that job. Total of past experience of distribution announcements, but employers hire by applying your direct application to their work

10. Enjoy yourself as a successful job seeker. Don't just go buy a Porsche celebration or Jimmy Choo right now!

So if a 5-year-old can use this successfully, why not the average person looking for a job right now? Apparently, they do not, because the average job-seeker currently spends an average of 27 weeks looking for work, which costs them an average of $250 per week. So the average job search currently costs $ 700  in addition to paying off loans, gas, electricity, food, etc.

Why was your job application rejected?

Here's a simple way to diagnose why many job seekers currently spend 27 weeks looking for a job: start with step 6! Then do nothing within step7 other than reading the job title and salary level, before reviewing the old CV and skipping all step8. The subsequent rejection leaves them guessing why they didn't get to step9? They were fit for the job, the title was equal to or better than their current job, as was the salary, however - they were rejected! Why?

What a 5-year-old child does better than a 50-year-old is to read. Often because they listen, but always because they learn. Granted, they do not have the ability to use or learn to read hidden objects in a person's environment, but they do read well. In fact, as they can not distinguish between hypocrisy and reality: it takes the mind of an 8-year-old and the knowledge to do just that.

Application tutorial:

Most 5-year-olds have not been tested, but if they do they will be very successful. The job application is just a test: the question asked, the answer provided, ten marks awarded - or in this case, job offers or refusal letters submitted.

The key skill of the job seeker when he or she reaches the job interview, to show exactly how the immediate application of his / her SQE meets the job requirements for doing that job (today). It is like a simple book cover:

You the employer wants = I say I have in the job application;

Show what I have in a job interview:

By missing steps 1 to 5, when an employee or employer asks a job seeker “why you are looking for this job they are unable to give a definite answer to the job applicant. These job seekers do not think about how they can use their skills in that job, so there is a lot of doubt in the minds of employers that they can do the job, so they are considered talented people, and then rejected.

Successful job seekers know who they are, what they offer, and why the job deserves them. As their job application story remains consistent and grows with their job application, they can demonstrate how they would do the job directly by using their existing SQE in the job interview. It's that simple.

Best of Luck!


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