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How can you ask for an answer after a job interview?

Requesting Feedback-

Imagine leaving an interview with a report on how you did it even when you had some concerns. Not in this life! You do not ask for more. You would just like to hear how you did - where you are lacking, or how you can improve your skills in your next interview. However, you may find it difficult to get a straight answer. A general notice is like, "We have identified a candidate (or a few candidates) who has information that is very similar to our current staff needs." What was it about these other candidates that were so close? Will they tell you?

You can always ask-

The answer is always "No," unless you are asking a question. Many HR departments have policies against providing interview information. They fear discriminatory claims if the chosen person misinterprets the answer. But, every once in a while, you will be lucky and find someone who is willing to give you a break. They may be willing to tell you something that is very revealing. One salesman was told he did not shake hands with the panel when he completed his interview, and that contradicted his performance.

If you have the courage to call and ask for an answer, be prepared to hear the things that might upset you. One person was told, "We never thought your personality would be in line with our culture." Those words took a toll on her and she felt that something was terribly wrong with her personality.

Another reaction you might have is to defend yourself. "But, I have the necessary information you need," protested one candidate. The conversation ended immediately. The decision is made - read and quit.

-If you find someone who is willing to take risks and give you directions there are some basic rules to follow.

-Make sure you convey your frustration by not receiving the gift. Also, mention that you might be interested if something opens up. Tell them this company is still your # 1 option.

- Ask politely, if there is an answer that can shed light on what you can do to improve your chances in your next interview. Is there anything, especially that would help your chances of becoming a "chosen" candidate?

- When you find the answer, listen carefully, and write down the points you will refer to later. Do not argue or defend yourself. You are asking for an answer, not a chance to argue.

- Ask the next one or two questions, and end the discussion.

- Thank the interviewer for the feedback and the opportunity to improve your skills. Emphasize that, in the event of another openness, you may be more likely to keep that in mind.

- Take the advice you have been given and think about changing some of your strategies to improve in your next interview.

If you can't find the answer, limit your performance. If you feel like you can improve your performance, exercise and prepare to enter the interview with renewed confidence. Preparation will give you more confidence to provide better performance. You can learn and improve throughout the interview experience, whether you get the answer or not.


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