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The general aim of education :

On completion of class 10, a student has to think about his/her career for the best jobs for the future in long term or in other words a white color job for smooth sailing of life along with family members. Accordingly, each of them has to choose his/her respective stream i.e. Science, Arts or Commerce through which he/she wants to establish his/her professional life i.e. career. In this writing, we highlight some points for the commerce students so that they meet up their required platform in future.

Modus-operandi of jobs for commerce students :

Practically, it is an economic concept deals with financial profit by selling goods or services and associated with our day-to-day lives. It helps a company or a business to run smoothly, to meet its goal i.e. to earn profit. It is already a proven fact that students from the commerce stream take a very significant role in the development of a business, a company and consequently they occupy an important role in the economic development of a country. It involves hard challenges and is based on practical facts. Presently, commerce has become a very practical & popular stream to the students due to its wide range of accessibility.

Job avenues for commerce students :

The Commerce stream offers students a wide range of careers after completing class 10 that will give them a sense in the financial market. Although there are a remarkable number of students who are under an impression that commerce students are lagging behind the science students in the field of job. It is absolutely a wrong concept. In fact, commerce is the largest number of employment all over the world. There is great diversity and offers careers for all kinds of students irrespective of their academic performances. It is the specific student who is to select his/her interest to his/her potentiality to a specific subject. Does a commerce student have to decide first how does he want to settle - as an accountant, as an economist, as a financial adviser, as market adviser, etc? Each commerce student has to understand the significance of his subject i.e. its object. There are two ways to sell yourself in the market as a commerce student one freelance jobs online from home and the another is to associate with the best jobs for the future in long term.

Concept of professionals on commerce background :

For the 1st one, it is better to have a professional degree like Chartered Account, Cost Accountant, Company Secretary, etc. In this regard, it is advised to choose your line very cautiously based on your financial condition, interest,  determination, and all other aspects. Remember, once you admit any such course you have to complete it by hook or crook otherwise it is nothing but a wastage of time and money.  For such determined but economically backward students it is recommended to find the best online part-time jobs during this course. Apart from freelance jobs online from home, such candidates have the opportunity of rendering services to an organization/institution. Now, the function of each professional is to be clear to a student before driving to it. The function of some professionals is given below for immediate reference.

Chartered Accountants: 

They contribute in the field of tax planning, capital budgeting, budget forecasting, financing, and such other activity. They help in building a nation in such a way that once Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said that Chartered Accountants are partners of nation-building. Their role has recently been enhanced with the implementation of GST. Tax evasion attracts penal consequences whereas tax planning is beneficial to an individual. Both of these functions are accomplished by Chartered Accountants.

 Cost Accountant: 
The main function of a Cost Accountant is to reduce the cost of a product with the data provided by concerned personnel. They assist in preparing month-end and year-end. They are responsible for cost analyses and preparing budget reports.

Company Secretary: 

The company secretary is accountable for the submission of confirmation statements and other important documents to Companies House and they often take up a number of other administrative matters such as arranging board meetings. Shareholder communication, corporate governance, statutory compliance, etc. are in his scope of work. He cannot be considered as a director but in absence of the director, he needs to absorb the required duties. He possesses the power of signing legal documents on behalf of the company director.

Business Management:  The main purpose of business management is planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Managers must plan, then organize accordingly, lead others to work towards the plan, and finally evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. It requires an efficient forecast of the business based on market analysis, available human resources, etc.


Offers for conventional commerce students :

Other students carry forward their conventional study i.e. B.Com, M.Com, and so on. There are many companies that cannot afford full-time officials to maintain their statutory obligations like GST, ESI, PF, Gratuity, etc. Such activities do not require much commercial knowledge but a few methods are to be learned for which a number of training centers are available. Even by rendering service to the above-mentioned professionals, a commerce student can easily learn how to maintain the aforesaid obligations of a company. Therefore, it can also be said that these general candidates have the opportunity to find the best online part-time jobs also after the experience.  

General observance :

In our huge competitive market, it is a nightmare to secure jobs that pay well for a fresh Commerce Graduate or Post-Graduate Commerce student. Therefore, it is recommended to find a job near me that means to involved somewhere to gather experience. Most organizations/institutions are not ready to spare time for a non-professional candidate. A good student may not be a good professional. It requires a few non-academic qualities like physical approach, communication skills, persuasive capacity, etc. that can only be achieved through day-to-day activities. Even on completion of such general education, a commerce candidate may earn from Freelance jobs online from home.

Overall, it is to be remembered that the teaching profession is open to all the above-mentioned candidates. It entirely depends upon his/her choice to secure jobs that pay well. It varies from person to person depending on his/her present situation. If you are not financially sound at present our recommendation is to enlist your name to the job portals for recruitment otherwise you have the option to find the best jobs for the future in long term.

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