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The Ultimate New Checklist for Hiring Employees in 2021 and Beyond | Magic Job

A new checklist for hiring employees helps the HR managers who are using the best job portals for recruitment in hiring the right candidate for a particular job profile. The first days after a new employee starts working in an organization will set their time with your company and determine if your investment in a new hire will pay off. It will be crucial to hire employees in 2021 or beyond.
Job portals for recruitment, checklist for hiring employees
The points included in the checklist for hiring employees are:
Make the hiring process official with your HR department before proceeding any further.
Complete a background check
Many job profiles need to ensure the safety and security of clients and workers.
Review schedule and job basics 
You can contact the employees by getting their data from job portals for recruitment, explaining the first weeks schedule, providing a timesheet if required, and giving the necessary information about the dress code, parking rules, etc.
Review job descriptions and duties
Email the employee a copy of the job roles and information, answer any queries, provide a summary of the working area, and explain how they fit into the department.
Complete all new hire forms
Complete all the paperwork before their joining day will save both of you time and let you focus on more valuable things when they come into the workplace.
Prepare their work environment.
It includes cleaning their new space, getting business cards, and IT devices such as phones, computers, etc.
Prepare for new hire training.
Schedule any training and arrange for trainers, equipment, and space when required.
Now, here is the new checklist for hiring employees for the first year:
For a Day
Conduct a general job orientation with tour.
        Review first weeks schedule and work hours.
Review professional ethics and code of conduct.
        Review all procedures, such as safety and security policies.
Explain the compensation and benefits.
        Provide employee handbook and answer any questions.
Review position information.
Help established them up with computers or other equipment
For a Month
Provide regular feedback.
Ask for feedback from the employee.
Review past assignments.
Review upcoming assignments.
Ensure the employee is on schedule with training.
Check that employee payroll is running smoothly.
Schedule regular meetings to keep an employee engaged.
After six months
Conduct a six-month performance review.
Review employee goals and progress so far.
Set goals for the next six months.
Check that employee has received all required instructions.
After one year
Conduct a yearly performance review.
Recognize their first year at the company.
Discuss purposes, projects, and plans for the future.
Answer any questions and give feedback.
Discuss compensation and raise policies.
Job portals for recruitment, checklist for hiring employees
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